1. What is viaGoood?
It is a social network connecting do-gooders around the world. It is based on a mobile application, which makes it easy to support charitable activities and receive concrete information on how your contribution is used. At the same time, this application provides its users relevant positive content.
2. How is my $19 contribution used?
The majority will be used to develop the viaGoood application. The remaining will be used for marketing, finding strategic partners, unexpected expenses and required reserves for the stability of the project.
3. How can I verify that my contribution has not been used for something else or has not been misused in any way?
Each contributor receives regular reports (by email) on the development of the entire project, including the current financing amount. All of the important steps (the first beta testing, marketing, expansion to other devices, number of users, tangible achievements, misc.) will be part of the report. On request, we will provide to any contributor the financial performance of the project, specifying how the funds were used. Transparency is one of our core values for the functioning of viaGoood.
4. Which mobile OS is the viaGoood app being developed for?
The first test version is being developed for iOS (iPhone), Android will follow, and then tablets (Android and iPad). A fully functional web interface will be follow thereafter.
5. Where does the contribution go when I use the app?
The user selects their preferred charity to support and the amount. The user can also allow the system choose the most appropriate organization for them according to their stated preferences.
6. How will the viaGoood operation be funded?
Once we are operational, we will generate our revenue through advertising on the application and through transaction fees. Ads will follow our viaGoood principles.
7. Why 50,000?
This is the number of contributors required for the successful development of viaGoood and its launch. It also secures the necessary reserves in financing.
8. Is not it easier to finance a project of this type by an investor?
Undoubtedly. But investors will want to see a return on their money as soon as possible, which would alter our mission to sustain a self-sustaining community of do-gooders. To ensure success, we have decided to finance by appealing to a large number of small supporters, under equivalent conditions. That is why we seek 50,000 contributors to contribute $19.
9. Is viaGoood a commercial project or an NGOs' project?
It is an independent project designed to support nonprofits and NGO’s.
Here are the project's goals:
  • Increase the number of users
  • to Support good activities with maximum opportunity to improve the world
  • to be motivated to do good deeds and to create good relationships
10. The development team is in the Czech Republic. What does it mean?
Our Founder and the implementation team is located in the Czech Republic, because costs are more favorable there, enabling us to work more efficiently. Like many technology companies, we are a global operation that works with experts from all over the Globe.
11. Why you have not used established crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo for a funding source?
These platforms are more suitable for securing finance for development and production of material things or musical works. viaGoood is the combination of modern technology and philanthropy and these platforms are not created for this unique format. Their disadvantages are short exposure of campaigns and too much interference from other projects.
12. What type of content will the viaGoood application offer?
In addition to information about the specific activities and achievements of supported charitable activities, motivating content will be included in the application as well as, thematic pictures, ecological information and related content designed to foster a positive relationship with the world around us.
13. When is the expected completion of the application?
Estimated completion date is the beginning 2018, We begin with "50,000 good people in the world" and will end with the viaGoood application!
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